Believe it or not, it’s been three years since we kicked off the Art Tooth wall at Tulips FTW with the talented Charles Gray! Since then, we’ve had the privilege of showcasing over 40 amazing artists on our beloved wall.

To celebrate this milestone, we’re reuniting artists from the first year for Family Reunion Part One. Join Art Tooth at Tulips on October 8 from 5 to 8 PM for an evening filled with art, laughter, and reconnections. Anticipate great company, delightful drinks, and a curated selection of works from eight exceptional artists.

Andrew Hammond Kendall
Allester Vinteers
Amani Sodiq
Charles Gray
Christopher Knowles
Madelyn Salas
Scott Prather
Luke Berglin

Let’s raise a toast to the memories and to many more to come! #ArtToothFamilyReunion #TulipsArtExhibit

Curated by ArtTooth

Previous artists at Tulips

Tatyana Alanis
Human Staues on Break
Penny Brisco
Walt Burns
Urban Castro
Black Balloon Collective
Diane Pereira aka Red Milk Crone

Tony Drewry
Ollie Gee
Charles Gray
Paisley Jett
Cosmo Jones
Christpher Knowles
Mike Moffatt
Scott Prather

Madelyn Salas
Sunday Bunch Review (Group Show)
Jessica Smith
Amani Sodiq
Kate Stipp
Allester Vinteers
Xavier Walker