In the heart of Fort Worth’s vibrant cultural corner, Tulips FTW brings music, art, fine drinks, cold beers, great food and community together under one roof. Coming to life during the 2020 pandemic, the energy that courses through its veins is palpable – a fusion of local art, a sound system built for massive outdoor music festivals, a room tuned with the precision of decades of industry expertise and a fierce commitment to inclusivity.

Beyond Spune Productions bringing an eclectic range of national and international talent to the stage, where Shakey Graves sat in for an intimate set with David Ramirez and Tank and the Bangas, Cannons, Sierra Ferrell and so many others have played sellout crowds of nearly 500, Tulips FTW a breeding ground for emerging talent, often featuring indie rockers, electronic artists, hip hop and K-pop headliners, punk and metal festivals, and everything else across the gamut of music genres as expansive as the Texas Sunset.

We call it sanctuary for the secular, a true oasis for the misfits and outcasts of the music world as much as it was built for the cowboy-booted and white-collar warriors of the artistic class.

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As you step in, you’re surrounded by a litany of local artwork from the 80-foot mural designed by Eusebio Martinez through to Ariel Davis’ ceiling-reaching interpretation of the owner’s Grandfather boxing in the 1950s Golden Gloves, Mariell Guzman’s inspiring patio work and Jana Renee’s welcoming alleyway entrance to Gustos, the best burger in Fort Worth. This cacophony of colors sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

The revolving door of local artwork, curated by Art Tooth, gives local makers a space to showcase the artistic underbelly of Fort Worth’s creative contingent.

On November 20, 2020 we planted our flag in Fort Worth’s rich musical history that spans from Ornette Coleman and Bob Wills to the Historic Bluebird, JJs Blues Bar and Caravan of Dreams to Townes Van Zandt and Leon Bridges. Through the masked trials of that year, we boasted our first sellout that New Years with 54 people toasting champagne to Grady Spencer on stage.

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Fast forward to a full capacity in front of our premier sound system, powered by Blake Barker, Tulips FTW finds itself on tour posters of bands from across Europe, Australia, Mali, Mexico, England and across our own great state and country to join the conversation led by iconic rooms like the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C., Brooklyn Made in NYC and Tractor Tavern in Seattle.

While music leads the charge, it is our fierce commitment to being the bridge between the Fort Worth Way and where we are driving our hometown, that invites every walk of life in through our doorstep, showcasing talent as much the diverse face of Fort Worth, whatever the medium, with a strict policy of zero tolerance for harassment of any kind, creating a safe and welcoming space for all art fans.

It’s where art and music collide in a frenzy of unbridled passion, where locals and tourists alike can let their hair down and revel in the magic of live performance. It’s where community is built.

Welcome Home, y’all.